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Greenwood Community Theatre


State Theatre

Greenwood Community Theatre (GCT) officially began in 1954 and has a long history of outstanding programming and cultural offerings. Originally named the Greenwood Little Theater, the first production was Dear Ruth. Through those many years one aspect has remained intact, that "GCT is theatre done For the Community, By the Community."

GCT’s present home at 110 Main Street was built in 1934 as the State Theatre. In our lobby, we have an original photograph of the original building. The floor in the lobby is the original terrazzo tile. On close inspection you can see the indentions in the floor where the original doors were in place. You will also notice an outline in front of the box office jutted out. Patrons paid for their ticket on the outside of The Theatre before entering.

When The Theatre was built, it did not have a concession stand; this was added later and in the fifties and sixties became a big money maker for The Theatre. In the sixties, The Theatre was managed by Mr. Smart who introduced "chilly dillies" to Greenwood. This treat was no more than large dill pickles stuck in ice to make them ice cold and crunchy. Many Greenwoodians while reminiscing about the "chilly dillies" speak fondly of exchanging bottle tops for tickets to see the movies in their youth.

Through the years The Theatre went through several name changes including The Jerry Lewis Theatre! In 1978, GCT (then called the Greenwood Little Theatre….the spelling of Theater was officially changed to Theatre in 1962) was housed at the Village Theatre on Kirksey Drive and the Board was looking for a new home. The old State Theatre building had fallen into disrepair and was even showing XXX rated movies! The GCT Board of Directors and Artistic Director Donald McKellar convinced the owners to sell the building and the rest is history. GCT has been housed at 110 Main Street ever since.